|  Indigent Households Water Management Device Roll-out

Under the City’s unique water management program, indigent householders can elect to have a water demand management device installed which will assist them in managing their water consumption.  The water management device is installed in place of a regular water meter and measures the flow of water which may be set to a limit of 300 (or more) litres per day.   A central control team in the City administration regulates the functioning of the devices through electronic computer set up. These special meters, known as WMD’s have been designed to help consumers save water and manage their monthly water bills..

If a resident has elected to have a WMD installed, as part of the package, residents are helped to identify all leaks on their property and in their homes.   As a once-off service, these are then repaired at no cost to the householder, leaking taps are fixed and toilet cisterns are also replaced with either a waterless cistern or a dual flush mechanism.   Water useage is minimized and wastage due to leaks is eliminated.  The benefit to these householders is immeasurable as they are now able to manage their water use - and importantly its cost.

This is a mutually beneficial result as a householder knows their water consumption is managed to affordable levels, water waste is eliminated and the City’s debt-management is improved.

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|  Water Meter Projects
SD Africa has worked for the City of Cape Town’s Water & Sanitation Department delivering services for the roll-out, maintenance and standby support for the roll-out of special water demand management devices to indigent households in the Southern Peninsula region, installation and relocation of domestic meters and bulk meter services.
|  Bulk Meter Services

SD Africa on behalf of City of Cape Town’s Water & Sanitation Department delivers a turnkey service for bulk meter installations, replacements and relocations, maintenance and new water connections across various areas of the metropolitan area.  The project is part of the City’s upgrade and maintenance program for its water services to the citizens of Cape Town.

|  Domestic Meter Services

SD Africa has qualified and equipped teams relocating and replacing domestic water meters, typically removal of the meter from inside a property to outside in order to enable water meter readers to access the meter without having to enter the property.

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