NuSolar holds equity in SDAfrica, Solarent and EASIWise Technologies

About Nusolar Holdings

NuSolar Holdings (Pty) Ltd is an investment enterprise with shareholding in companies focused on green energy, water and energy demand management and training and skills development for these industries.

Selection of investment opportunity is based on two primary criteria:
  • Selection and marketing of high quality products – businesses strongly focused on quality assurance and technical expertise starting from product and systems research through to product selection and installations.  The quality assurance model builds brand trust in product offering and delivery and ensures customer growth and preferred service provider status.
  • Packaged products with innovative affordable financial solutions that have potential to create recurring income streams and build a client base that can be re-visited with new products and offers.

Principle investment

The principle investment is in the operations of Solarent, SD Africa and EASIWise Technologies. Each business contributes a unique value, either in terms of support to operations or as a brand-leading end-customer supplier and has its own particular niche and modus operandi for communicating with clients and suppliers. Together the companies link up in a value chain with unique capacity in the market covering development of skills and professional tradesman through training and education, sourcing, distribution and direct sales of product and energy saving devices and solutions for residential and commercial markets and mass volume project roll outs.

The ethos of NuSolar Holdings can be summarised as follows:
  • Entrepreneurial flare
  • Talented, hardworking and enthusiastic people.
  • Passionate about making a positive difference to the environment.
  • Committed to building mutual benefits through long term relationships with stakeholders.
  • Unashamedly Ethical.

Group Clients


Solar Distributors Africa (SDAfrica)

Solar Distributors Africa (SDAfrica) is proud of its track record and leadership role in the solar water heating industry in Southern African. Since its inception in 2009 it has participated in the supply and installation of over 10,000 solar water heaters nationally.

The company supplies solar technology to commercial developers, builders and resellers and turnkey contracts delivery to government, state-owned enterprises and municipalities. SDA has delivered turnkey services for mass solar water heater installations to large volume clients such as Eskom, local municipalities and international donor funders.

Specialised services are delivered for residential and bulk water meter installation and maintenance. SDA is a contractor for the City of Cape Town’s water management device roll out to some 20,000 indigent households in the Southern Peninsula region as well as new residential and bulk meter services under a two year contract to 2017.

Contracts which are in the pipeline for the next two years include supply of locally manufactured solar water heaters for Department of Energy’s mass roll-outs and energy optimization and conservation programs.

Product & Services

  • Solar water heating systems: sourcing and supply to resellers.
  • Solar water heating system: commercial installation design, supply and installation.
  • 3rd Party logistics services: including warehousing and despatch for warranty and maintenance of electrical geyser and solar systems.
  • Plumbing supplies: materials, water meters, piping and accessories.
  • Project management services: related to mass roll out of solar water systems and energy efficiency solutions including heat pumps and lighting.
  • Pre-installation assessments and solar-ready feasibility inspections and audits on areas and homes for SWH mass roll-outs
  • Water Conservation Projects: water awareness program execution, installation of water management devices, bulk meters and provision of standby services.

Basic Information

  • Directors: Tony Geldenhuys
  • CIDB Reg: Grade 6 SO / Grade 1 EB / Grade 1 CE
  • Level Two B-BBEE Contributor (Amended Codes of Good Practice)



Solarent was launched in January 2010 specifically to sell solar water heating systems into the residential and commercial markets on a “rent-to-own” basis and is recognised as one of SA’s pioneers pursuing making solar affordable through financing. Today the company has installed over 1500 systems. In 2013 Solarent was appointed as a certified supplier to the City of Cape Town’s solar water heating program.

During 2014 the company launched its new and innovative solar water heating solution – Heatbox. Designed by the team in collaboration with a leading manufacturer, Heatbox is 35% cheaper than its nearest competitor and has an efficiency rating comparable with the high end systems.   Sales to date have exceeded expectations and prospects for capturing the lion’s share of the market look very favourable. Heatbox is SABS and Eskom approved.

The system is exclusive to Solarent, however market demand has forced the company to consider bulk supply to other distributors and negotiations are underway which could see as many as 20,000 systems being supplied under an OEM basis nationally.

The company markets its products and services direct through a team of sales agents and installations are performed through accredited plumbing partners. A high level of sales management and business efficiency is enabled through a web-enabled customer relationship management system.

Product & Services

  • Design and assembly of solar water heating systems.
  • Supply and installation of revolutionary Heatbox pre-heater solar water system
  • Retailer of solar water heating systems to residential households and commercial developers.
  • Solar Water Heating bulk installation services.
  • Quality Assurance Inspection Services for solar system installations.
  • Energy efficiency devices to reduce electrical consumption in residential environments including LED lighting, geyser management and control, time based based electricity load controllers
  • Energy efficiency devices to reduce electrical consumption in commercial and industrial environments including
    • Air conditioning control motion detection switches for split and console units
    • Lighting motion sensor on/off switches
    • Time based electricity load controllers
    • Pulsed lighting controllers for splitting light loads
    • LED lighting

Basic Information

  • Directors: Tony Geldenhuys | Corinne Geldenhuys
  • NCR Registered
  • City of Cape Town Accredited Installer



The Intelligent Hot Water Manager. EASIwise is a smart geyser control manager which gives total control of a geyser enabling savings of up to 25% of a household geyser bill.

EASIWise is an SABS approved smart device that gives you control of the temperatures and other variables of electric geysers and solar water heating systems. EASIWise is easy to install and does not require thermostat replacement or a connection to a distribution board. A wall-mounted control display allows settings to be adjusted at the touch of button.

  • Measure, monitor and display current usage of geyser element
  • Clear display of water temperature, time, heating mode and fault conditions.
  • Auto heating with manual override capabilities.
  • Easy temperature setting to custom requirements
  • Multiple protection functions including earth leakage, geyser probe fault, overheating, element fault and leak detection
  • Alarm and alert functions

EASIWise is designed to control your hot water needs by reducing electricity use and therefore saving energy and cost.

Geysers are usually left on all the time.  This means they cycle on and off, reheating the water when it drops below a set temperature.  EASIWise eliminates this by controlling when the geyser will switch on and off to reheat water, either at predetermined times or temperature setting, based on a households requirements.

  • EASIWise has the ability to monitor and assess hot water draw and programmatically switch off a geyser when temperature is above desired degrees – and switch on again if temperature falls below 35° degrees irrespective of the timer settings thus ensuring hot water is always available and savings are at optimum.
  • EASIWise does not replace the existing thermostat of a geyser so installation is unobtrusive and fast and also makes it simple to revert back to normal geyser operation in case of a fault.
  • Setup and changes are easy to do from the smart display mounted in a place convenient to access.
  • GSM Enabled units allow for anywhere access control through the internet, tablet or cell phone to set timers, adjust temperature or turn on and off.
  • GSM enabled option provides instant updates on the performance of a geyser and allows user to see activity stats and kwH’s used

Basic Information

  • Director: Tony Geldenhuys


Contact Us

Cape Town (Head Office)
Unit 13, River’s Edge Business Park, Winelands Close, Stikland, Bellville, Western Cape
Tel: +27 (0)21 946 3424

Western Cape Water Meter Services Depot
Saxenburg Business Park 2, Unit 5 32 Zinfandel Street, Blackheath
Tel: +27 (0)21 905 0415

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Key Contact People

  • Tony Geldenhuys – Group CEO
  • Corinne Geldenhuys – Director, Solarent
  • David Adamson – Manager, EASIWise Technologies
  • Christine Masson – Quality Management Representative
  • Marc Geldenhuys – Group Warehousing and Quality Control
  • Bo Duvenhage – Projects Manager
  • Michelle de Vries – Administrations Manager

Company Registration No:  2014/205845/07

Shareholders Group Companies

  • SDAfrica: Nusolar Holdings (100%)
  • Solarent: Nusolar Holdings (100%)
  • Easiwise Technologies: Nusolar Holdings (100%)