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Lighting can make up as much as 50% of a commercial building’s electricity costs.  SDA Energy’s business is about helping you reduce this cost.  Take up our offer of a free, no obligation lighting audit to assess the impact of replacing your existing lights with an LED solution that is more efficient, provides better illumination while substantially reducing your monthly cost. 

Why change to LED Lights?

Less electricity usage: LED lights use up to 80% less electricity than conventional lights and are maintenance free.

Longer life: LED lights and bulbs last up to 10 times longer than conventional lights and bulbs.

Less heat: LED lights radiate less heat than conventional lights and do not emit harmful UV. Less heat means less electricity used.

Reduced carbon footprint: There is a direct connection between the electricity we use and the damage we do to our environment. By using less electricity, we reduce the quantity of toxic gases released by power stations. In this way, we help to protect and conserve sensitive ecosystems, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gasses and slow down global warming.

Not convinced? There are even more Benefits!

Full control over your lights. Our ENERGY SMART scheduler with remote control allows you to schedule the LED lights you want on, set their dim/brightness level and program their on/off time, all remotely at the click of a button

Our LED lights come in a variety of beam angles: This means less lights to cover more area.

Our product range covers replacement of all current industrial and office light fittings without the need of remodelling, rewiring, or replacing ceilings.

Full installation service:

We offer a full supply and fit service with qualified installers who will install with minimal to no disruption to your business.

Quick and Easy Installation:

Our range of LED lights are quick and simple to install, making it the ideal solution for any busy or high traffic area that cannot afford delays.

Energy Efficient:

LED Lights are proven to use a fraction of electrcity compared traditional lights. Thereby reducing your electricity costs and your carbon footprint.

Energy Smart Lighting:

Our ENERGY SMART scheduler with remote control allows you to control your lights remotely at the click of a button.

Our Energy Smart Lights.

High Bay Lights

High Bay lights are used in areas with heights of more than 5 meters. They are generally used in commercial and industrial buildings such as warehouses, factories and large open areas with high ceilings.

  • LED high bays are a great energy efficient alternative.
  • Businesses also benefit from major savings in energy and maintenance costs.
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Available in 100w, 150w and 180w
Beam angle: 60, 90 or 180 deg
Colours: Cool white and neutral white

Panel Lights

LED Panels are attractive for drop or suspended ceilings typically found in offices or reception areas. They provide uniform illumination with wide beam angles typically required for offices and other commercial building.

  • LED panels will save energy and provide a modern feel.
  • Our sizes correspond to standard grid sizes for drop ceilings.
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Available in
36w 600x600mm
60w 1200x600mm
36w 1200x300mm

LED Tri-Proof Linear Lights

Tri-proof LED lights are the durable, aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly alternative lighting systems to traditional fluorescent tubes. Tri-proof LED lights offer a longer-lasting and more comfortable experience for occupants.

  • Designed to withstand severe environments
  • Reduces energy use by up to 80% vs conventional fluorescents.
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Available in
20W 600mm
40W 1200mm
60W 1500mm

LED High-mast Flood Lights

As the name suggests, LED High mast flood lights are designed to be installed high above the ground.

High mast flood lights provide high levels of light for applications such as sport field, car parks and security flood lighting.

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Available in

LED Street Lights

LED street lights are the energy efficient replacement for conventional street lights.

Municipalities, industrial and housing estates, have seen the massive energy saving and maintenance benefits of fitting LED street lights.

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Available in


LED High-mast Flood Lights

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